Thursday, February 11, 2016


Hello lovely people! 

Its me. I'm back! 

Sorry for the little break from the blog. With school and no pday to email every Monday, it kind of falls to the wayside. 

But I have been home for 6 weeks now! What the?? When did that happen?

It has been a roller-coaster. Good days, bad days, reunions, goodbyes, laughter, tears, missing my mission, and being so grateful to be home. 

All of the above. 

But its been so good. I'm currently studying at BYU Provo and life is happy. Every single day I think about my mission and thank Heavenly Father that I was able to serve. :) 

My mom is such a gem and had these pictures taken when I got off the plane! Gosh, looking at them makes me feel like I'm walking down that escalator all over again. The feels!

So grateful for this family of mine. I could had never ever possibly served a mission without their love and support, so here's to them! 

XOXO, Sister (Kaycee) Fowers