About Me

here's the scoop.
i'm kaycee.
i'm from utah.
i am a mormon.
i love red lipstick.
i could literally spend 3 hours in an antique shop and be perfectly content.
i think ice cream is always, always a good idea.
i like to take pictures. a lot.
i love to read.
i'm a night owl. like it's bad... (praying my mission fixes this).
i love playing my guitar and singing really loud when i'm home alone.
i love the smell of russian olive trees in the summer.
my favorite color is turquoise.
i love listening to old records.
i love to travel.
pride and prejudice is my favorite movie (keira knightly version of course).
i only get headaches when i laugh really hard or cry really hard.
i believe kindness is always classy and attractive.
i love finding what makes people tick.
i buy too much perfume and too many sunglasses.
i think life should be beautiful and exciting, and that we have a choice to see it that way.
i love my savior.
i'm serving a mission because i love my savior.
i'm called to serve in richmond, virginia.
i can't wait.

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