Friday, February 6, 2015

"There Can Be Miracles, When You Belieevvvee"

Hey Hey Heyyyy. 

This week has been so good! We have seen so many miracles

Let's start with miracle numero uno. 
1. So I don't know if I told you about Smitty? We tracted into him one of the very first nights that I got here last transfer. Anyway he is a super nice guy, but very shy. He let us right in the night we met him and we taught him the restoration. He has some sort of leg deformation and it seems like he doesn't leave the house much. He talks super super quiet, and its hard to hear him, but the lesson went pretty well. He told us we could come back in a few days and teach him again. So we go back later, and he wasn't home! So we were bummed. Then we kept stopping by for like a month and he was never home! So we figured he must have moved or something and we sort of gave up. 

Then the other day we were driving down the street and we saw this guy hobbling down the side walk and it kind of looked like Smitty! So I looked closer and it was him!! So I was like "It's Smitty!!! He's alive!! What do we do??" and my comp is confused cause she doesn't even know who he is and i'm freaking out haha. So we decided to hurry and make a u-turn, drive ahead of him down the street, get out, and start walking down the street so we can pretend like we are just accidentally running into him on the side walk hahaha. Devious right? ;) Actually, its pretty creepy.... but I wasn't going to let him get away again! So we did it and then as we were walking down the street he turned around and started walking the other direction and he was booking it! And he was like hobbling with a cane and we still couldn't catch up! It was hilarious, we were dying. Finally though, we caught up and talked to him and he told us that we could walk back to his house right then and teach him! It was a great lesson. :)

It's so funny to see Heavenly Father place people in our path, sometimes more than once! We're now teaching Smitty again and he said he'd come to church next week and he agreed to be baptized on Feb 28th! 

Miracle number two.
2. This miracle's name is Jakkie. She is so golden ah! Here is her story. Jakkie's uncle and grandma are LDS. Last April, her uncle requested that the missionaries bring her a Book of Mormon. They did, and she accepted it. Then her family went out of town for a few months and the missionaries lost contact with them and dropped them. Then last transfer, Sister Phipps and I saw her on the potentials sheet in our area book and decided we'd stop by even though she was dropped. So we go by and she tells us that she would love for us to come over and teach her and about how her uncle still calls her all the time and ask her if she is reading the Book of Mormon. Then it was Christmas time and she got busy. But this week we finally met with her! It was so good. She was raised without religion at all and her mom is very against religion, but her husband was raised baptist and has a really strong relationship with God. Jakkie told us that there have been tons of things that have happened in the last year that have just given her a huge desire to have her own relationship with God. We taught her the restoration and she just loved it. She had so much to say and so many questions. We could just tell that she is sincere and eager to learn. We explained the Book of Mormon and she said that was her favorite part. I told her she could find any answer inside the Book of Mormon and she said, "that's what my uncle keeps telling me! I call him with something that's bothering me and he says, 'Jakkie, just open your book.'" Then we asked her if she'd be baptized and she said, "absolutely! I've never been baptized and I think that's what's missing." So cool! She is so sweet and just so prepared. She also said that she's bringing her whole family to church next week! Happy day!

Miracle number three.
3. Miss Rosa! Hahaha, I wish you guys could meet Rosa. She is the funniest lady I've ever met. We literally quote her all the time and die laughing. The other day we had a lesson with her and she said something sooooo funny and on the way home I was laughing so hard that I was crying and couldn't drive because I couldn't see because of the tears! We also got her a french Book of Mormon and she loves it.  We taught her the plan of salvation and she just accepts everything we teach her as true, it is the darndest (how do you spell that...?) thing. But she is searching for a job and she told us that if we help her submit her applications she will get baptized and "we will all celebrate together!" So we said deal!! So she is totally going to get 'tized. Also, she comes to church every week and loves it so much. She talks to everyone and says "Bonjour! How are yooouuu?" its so cute.
 I just love her a lot. :)

So many miracles, that's not even all of them! It's like I learned from Prince of Egypt, "there can be miracles, when you believe!" Do we sing that in the car all the time? Maybe. It's fine. 

Today we went to the Marine Corps museum and that was fun!
 Me and Sister Wagstaff are just having so much fun together. :) It's a normal thing for us to have to make ourselves stop talking at night and go to bed haha.
 I learn so much from my companions it is crazy. Marriage 101? What?
 Haha its the best though. 

Our other investigators are doing good though! Jeff is on vacation and we are just dropping him for a little to see how committed he actually is. Alicia is doing pretty well, but won't come to church. :/ Diana dropped us....... I don't even want to talk about that. :( 

But its okay because its all in Heavenly Father's hands. This is His work. We are just simply His instruments. I am so grateful to be a part of this work and see it change my life and so many others' lives. There are letdowns and disappointments, but there are so many happy and miraculous and spiritual moments that make it all worth it

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Here is a pic of Rosa back in the day to make you smile ;) 
Love you all lots! 

XOXO Sister Fowers

Rosa-back in the day

We went to the National Marine Museaum at Quantico. It was fun!

The actual flag they lifted.

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