Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Call

guys, can i just say getting a mission call is a pretty crazy experience? talk about a whirlwind of emotions.
my roommates from utah state will probably attest to this- everyday i would just sit and repeat, "i wonder where i'm gonna go?? where do you think i'm gonna go? people always fit their mission, what mission do you think fits me?" etc, etc...
im not very patient... and i hate surprises. 

i had a feeling that it would come that wednesday and that morning i sat in the lobby of our apartment building for at least an hour and a half waiting for the mail man to come. he never came and i had to go to class so i had my roommate sit and watch for him ha! i remember i was sitting in class that day and i was so beyond even trying to listen because i couldn't think about anything but opening that big white envelope. then my roommate text me and said, "ITS HERE!!" and my heart just about stopped beating. i hurried home as fast as i could and there it was sitting in mail box number 24. my mission call. ah i can't even tell you how weird it is to hold your mission call in your hands and know that inside it is the place you will serve the lord for 18 months of your life.

 then i text some friends and family and made plans to open it that night. i drove all the way from logan to hooper with that envelope sitting beside me. then i got home and the real wait began.

my mom had everything decorated to perfection and it was adorable. 

then it was finally time! we had my brother kade and his wife heather on skype because they live in virginia and everyone was there. with shaky hands and a shaky voice i opened it up and started to read.

"dear sister fowers: you are hearby called to serve as a missionary of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. you are assigned to labor in the virginia richmond mission." 
july 16th. english speaking.
when i first read those words all i could do was laugh to myself. my brother lives in virginia! i had been back to visit him twice and visited virginia in 7th grade on a trip to d.c.
what are the odds of that?
as it turns out my brother lives outside my mission, but only about 3 hours away from richmond. maybe i'll run into him sometime ;)
it wasn't the mission call i was expecting, to be honest. but it was the right one. i can't wait to live there for 18 months and teach the people there about the happiest news on the earth.

^^Kade and Heather freaking out cause... we're gonna be neighbors!

i'm so grateful i get to serve a mission. it has been a desire of my heart ever since i was little. i remember sitting on the bus next to my best friend in sixth grade and turning to her and saying, "are you gonna go on a mission?" she told me she didn't know, probably not though. then i just paused and said, "i think i am. i think it would be amazing. don't you?"
little did 11 year old me know, but i was right. isn't crazy how things work out? heavenly father knows what he is doing, kids. i'm so glad.

here i come richmond! 

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