Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My College Experience

i could probably write a whole novel about all of my experiences and adventures this last year at college. sometimes i just look through my pictures and think, "wow, what a great life i have. like is this even real?" i am so blessed. when i decided to attend utah state a year ago i had no idea what was going to unfold at college.
looking back, there were so many times when i hated walking through 10 degree weather to my business statistics class feeling like the inside of my nose was literally frozen, or figuring out what to eat for dinner when the fridge seemed barren, or writing an 8 page paper that was due the next day. but looking back again, i honestly wouldn't trade my college experience for anything in the whole world. 
i guess i just wanted to write this post so i can look back at it someday and remember all of the amazing experiences i had. i met so many people who i honestly can say i will be friends with for the rest of my life. it was hard, but it was the best school year of my life. 
i'm not going back to school this fall, but my college days aren't done yet ;) 
here's to friends that you never knew you'd have and memories you never knew you'd make. 
oh, and.... go aggies! 

here's some little videos, enjoy!

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  1. College life can be really fun, but only if you choose it to be. And it looks like you had a pretty spectacular experience so far. It’s nice to know that you’re enjoying your college life alongside your friends; it definitely is more fun to be with them rather than go through it alone. Anyway, I hope the fun never stops for you and your friends, Kaycee. Thanks for sharing!

    Valerie Casey @ College Funding Freedom