Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Baptism & A Cake


It's been a... interesting week here in Richmond haha :) It's been pretty slow when we go out contacting but this weekend people are going to start moving in for the school year so hopefully it will pick up! Elder Chuntz is one of the Senior missionaries in the ward and he told us during the school year that at the compass (this central spot on campus) there is so many people that we literally have to choose who we want to talk to because there's so many people! So that will be exciting because its pretty barren right now. But this week has just been weird and we've talked to only weirdies it feels like. 

Anyway. There's actually five sets of missionaries in our ward! Haha crazy right?? I guess there's just so many people to find in this area that we need that many, but it's fun because we have a senior couple (the Chuntz's), our companionship, the sister training leaders, the district leaders, and the assistants to the President all in one ward! So we get to see each other and be friends, it's awesome.

We actually had dinner at the Chuntz's last night and they are the funnies most awesome old people ever. Ah! I love them. Elder Chuntz was a lawyer and Sister Chuntz started her own business so they are really wealthy and just buy stuff and do nice things for the missionaries all the time. Next week Sister Chuntz is paying for the sisters to all get haircuts, she is so cute. And the dinner last night was home cooked and just so good. 

Oh and guess what! Remember Schic that i told you about? He got baptized on saturday!! Woohoo! It was awesome. We made him a cake and it was a great baptism. So that was exciting :) I'll send some pictures.

Dad, thats awesome about the stake program for family history work! I wish i had time to still do it, but you guys will have to just learn haha :) No i don't really get blisters anymore, I'm getting used to walking all day. I'm glad my garden isn't completely dead yet ha! Is the horse still evil? Probs.

Mom, no we don't really get fed at all... we're in a YSA. So we eat all of our own food! A convert bought us groceries the other day but that's about it! Um, i haven't had that many weird experiences yet- just talking to hobos is always a treat! They like to talk to us or something because we always get stopped by them. We walk through Monroe Park every day to get to campus and they all just sit in the park and talk to each other its so funny. 

One night we were talking to an Iranian guy and he told my companion that her nose was crooked and she needed surgery and that he knew that Christ isn't the son of God because one time he was one the toilet smoking and he hadn't eaten anything before, so he passed out and was about to die, but then he recited some Muslim saying that says Jesus isn't the Christ and then he came back to life. So yeah. People here are nuts hahaha. We were like.... uhhh all you did was pass out on the toilet? Anyway, other that weird stuff like that, not really!  

No we don't have ipads and i don't know when we'll get them, hopefully during my mission sometime but no one knows. Lame! They would be so useful!  Hahaha my companion's mom's name is Alyson Ritchie Clonts and yes, you can look her up on facebook, don't be creepy though ha :) No one has been mean to us, people here love Jesus and missionaries most of the time. No i don't have allergies. For Pday today we're just relaxing, but there's tons of museums and tourist sight here so i'm sure we'll go to those eventually. There's also a Forever 21!!! Ahh so i'm probably going to go shopping one of these mondays, no joke. :) Tell Park that unless he makes cool videos or something with his drone, then that seems lame. :) I don't need any fall clothes yet, its still hot! But i'll let you know. 

Other than that it's going good! My companion also loves books and Pride and Prejudice so we talk about that a lot. :) Last pday we went bowling and the picture is us in our shoes and dresses. Yup, i bowled in a dress. Wouldn't recommend it. Haha :)

 I'm still getting used to the missionary life but everything is going great! What else do you guys want to know?

Tell me what else is going on at home! Love you guys!
xoxo Sister Fowers :)

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