Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The New Greenie on Campus!

Hello everyone!!

Ahh I have so much to tell you and no time! We only get an hour and a half every week to email everyone and our mission president so if my friends and peeps could send me a letter or email me your address that would be great! Because it looks like letters are gonna have to do it from now on! 

Thanks for all the email and love though! You are all the best. 

I'm sending pictures finally but it only lets me send like 2 at a time so be prepared for a bombardment. ha!

Now for the good stuff :)

So, it was really hard to leave the mtc, there was so many great people and teachers and yeah i cried it was sad. BUT i'm so excited to finally be here in VA! I got here on monday and we spent the night at the mission home, which is so cute. President and Sister Wilson are just the funniest, cutest people ever. President cries at like every single meeting its so funny. Then we woke up the next day to get our first area and meet our trainers! 

Drum roll please......... My trainer is Sister Clonts!! Ah she is so awesome. :) She has been out here for about 13 months and is from Claremont California! She is such a good trainer and we get along so well and I'm not just saying that. Heavenly Father keeps blessing me with good companions. But yeah she is so obedient and such a hard worker. She's also like the best scriptorian i've ever met! She knows every single story in the BOM and Bible and who its about and what the reference is. Oh my goodness it comes in handy when we are practically bible bashing with people and she can just whip out every scripture in the bible to show them what's actually true. So basically she has shown me i need to know the bible so much better so that's what i'm working on right now. 

Also, guess where my first area is......... CHIPPENHAM YSA!!!!!! ON VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY CAMPUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep. I'm on a college campus. In downtown Richmond. In a YSA ward. Basically everything i wanted. HOLLLA!!!! Oh my goodness I can't even tell you how much i love it. So VCU is like the sweetest campus ever, they took all of these old victorian/colonial houses and turned them into classrooms, so they like built VSU into the city and so i just walk down the cutest streets lined with threes and super old adorable houses all day and talk to people about Jesus. 

Life is good.

We have mormon.org cards and we just walk around downtown all day on campus or just in the ghetto and hand them out and get people to talk to us. Street contacting for daaayyysss. :) its so fun. Also, I've officially decided that black people are way nicer than white people. I talk to them all day long and they are so awesome. Everyone here says "have a blessed day" instead of goodbye its so cute. 

Plus its summer right now but school is going to start in a few weeks and then we will have so much more work! Ah its like i never left college ;) 

The ward is so good, i went yesterday and everyone is so awesome. its full of recent converts and i've realized that i've like never been exposed to very many converts and they just amaze me! They sacrifice so much and have so much faith in something they just barely learned, its crazy! So yeah the members here are awesome and come to lessons with us all the time. 

It's been a little rainy this week, but not that hot surprisingly. Everyone says that its been really nice weather and i haven't even felt the heat yet. One day though it was way humid and you would have died if you could have seen my hair. AFRO! Hahaha hopefully it will adjust to the humidity.  

I live in a little townhouse thing about 20 minutes outside of Richmond. If you want to send me anything, letters or packages send it to this address!

6820 Dartmouth Ave.
Richmond, VA 23226

We're teaching this guy named Schic (sounds like sheek) and he is the funniest most awesome guy ever. My companion and her old companion found him and when i got here he was already ready to be baptized and stuff so we're just finishing teaching him all the lessons before his baptism. For my friends, he is the black version of Kade Criswell, so yeah he is hilarious. 

We had some other investigators but everyone like left for a few weeks before schools starts, so we can't teach them until then. But we just go out and contact every day and try to find new people to teach! 

Here's one cool story that's already happened! 
So we get referrals and my comanion had a sticky note full of names and addresses of referrals. So we had time one day to go try to contact some, so we picked this girl to go visit because her address was the only one that was even kind of close to us. We typed her address into the GPS and went. We knocked on the door and no one answered, so we just left a pass along card in the door. Then there was this old man across the street, so we went and talked to him for a little bit and gave him a card too. He wasn't very intersted though, so we left. Then we marked on the sticky note that we had visited this house. 
Fast forward a few days and it was later at night and campus was dead so we decided to go try and contact this referral again! So we looked on the sticky note and made sure it was the same address, and then the GPS even still had it saved, so we just clicked on the same address and started driving. 
This time though, when we got there we were so confused because we were on a total different street and house? We were like what the heck? We know this is the same address and the GPS took us to the same address, but we're in a totally different place? We just figured we'd see if this was her house or not though, so we knocked on the door. Turns out the girl had moved a year or so ago and so a guy answered the door and told us she was gone and he lived there now. So we asked if he was interested, he said not really, and we gave him a card anyway. 
So, even though that story seems kinda lame, I know that we used the same address and that one of those people must have needed to meet us. I don't know why, and I probably never will, but it was just cool to see that the Lord does things his way and does whatever it takes to accomplish what he needs accomplished. So yeah it was crazy. :)

I don't even know what else to tell you guys but its is awesome here and basically I got the most coveted area in the mission for my first area. #blessed :) 

Send me pictures and letters! 

What else do you guys want to know?

You're all awesome and I love hearing from you guys :)

Oh and happy late birthday to Millie and Weston!!!!!! Send me pictures of Weston's party please :)

I'm doing great so don't worry! I've never had so many blisters on my feet but its fine :) 

Love and miss you all! 

xoxo Sister Fowers :)

Leaving the MTC

The mission home! Darling isn't it?

Beautiful Virginia

Kaycee and her first companion Sister Clonts

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  1. Chyann! you are the best! thanks so much for being on top of this whole blogging thing! You are such a great sister and daughter-i love you much!