Monday, November 17, 2014

Bible Study,Gospel Principles, and Pres

Hey hey! 

How is everyone?? Hopefully you're staying warm! I thought it was cold here in Virginia, but it sounds like it is way colder in Utah. It has been in the 30's and 40's here, and its super rainy today, but as long as there's not snow I'm good! 

I will admit though, that we already have a Christmas tree up in our apartment, listen to Christmas music in the car, and sing Christmas hymns every morning for comp study. You could say we're a little excited. 

This week has been so good though! We have seriously seen so many miracles. 

Before I get into all that can I just tell you a story I forgot to tell you last time? Hahaha. 

So, a few weeks ago we were just contacting on campus and we stopped a girl and gave her a card. She took it, walked away, and then turned back around and asked us if we wanted to come to a bible study that she was going to right then on campus. So we were like... sure! Why not? Maybe she'll come to church if we come to her bible study? So, as we're walking there we're talking to her and she tells us that the bible study ends at 9:00 but that we could leave whenever because the guy that is like the preacher was really cool and chill about it (not true). So we told her we probably would leave early because we have a curfew. 

So we get in there and its kind of like a non-denominational Christian bible study and its just a room full of about 30 people. We take a seat next to some random people and the guy is just talking about a lot of different topics in the bible. Its so interesting to compare religions, I love it haha. The whole time I just have to stop myself from being like "actually.... thats not true." Haha so throughout the study this guy just gets weirder. He went up to this girl who was leaning on her arm sleeping and he like ripped her arm out from under her head to wake her up and make her listen it was so weird. 

Then someone stood up and left early and he made this huge big deal about it in front of everyone. We were like uh oh.... he's gonna get mad when we have to leave early! So like 8:45 rolls around and we're already gonna be late, so I just look at my companion and we decide to just get up and leave anyway. 

So I was wearing a yellow cardigan that day, and as we stand up to leave the guy starts making a scene about us leaving. He was like "Yeah, yeah, go! Its alright the door is right there." But clearly he was mad that we didn't want to sit and listen to him anymore. 

So as we are walking toward the door, he stops and says to the whole room, "You see that girl in the yellow sweater? She was saved when she was a teenager." 

So I turn around and am just like uh...? What? 

Then he looks at us and is like, "Wait, wait, listen. Listen to me prophecy to you right now. Let me guess you are forming a women's organization that will travel over seas." 

At this point we are just really confused and feeling super awkward because everyone is staring at us and this guy is nuts. So we're just like "Um, yeah sure." It was like he was trying to prove to the whole class that he was a prophet it was so weird. 

Then he says, "Let me give you some advice. Get rid of the box." And he makes the shape of a square in the air with his fingers. Then he says, "If I never see you again, see you in Heaven." Then he just salutes at us and we just got out of there asap. Hahahaha. 

So, basically I had a crazy guy try and prophesy about me. It was so weird. I always read about other religions in the Book of Mormon and all the prophesies about how corrupt they'd get in the last days but I never actually saw any of that in Utah. Then I came here and hello! False prophets everywhere. I love our Prophets. The whole time that guy was talking you could just see in him that he was doing it for money or for the praise of men. 

Anyway, interesting weird experience overall. hahaha welcome to the bible belt! 

This week we have found so many new people to teach!! It has been so awesome! So many referrals poured in and we just had a ton more lessons. Prayer is real guys. :) We taught this guy named Joshua McCormick and he was just super cool. He is a touring musician though, so he's super busy and can't meet with us again until December.
So pray that his schedule will free up! 

Also, this Sunday Gina came to church! We have been teaching her a lot, but she struggles to keep commitments and come to church, so we're still undecided about when she should be baptized. We had these other three guys come to church as well, and we hadn't even taught them yet. We actually met one of them, his name is Abraham, in Monroe park and he is from Saudi Arabia and he wanted to come to church but wouldn't give us his number, so we gave him ours. Usually if we give people our number they never text us... so its lame. But he actually text us Saturday and said he was coming to church and bringing his two friends! 

Haha so they all come to church and they're all from Saudi Arabia. The friends names were Ali and Moo. They are Muslim and looked very confused the whole time hahaha. 

So we're in Gospel Principles and we did like a get to know you question and everyone went around and answered it. So the question was, "What is your coolest scar and how'd you get it?"

So everyone goes around and answers and it gets to be Abraham's turn and he says that his only scar was on his fingers from moving the coals around when he smokes hookah.......... hahaha. Yup! It was so funny and awkward.

Happy 4 months to me yesterday! Ahh time is going by so fast! I was talking to my companion this morning about going on missions and how everyone needs to go on one!!! Seriously. If anyone ever asks me if they should go, I will tell them yes. Every time. Because there are just so many things to learn on a mission and you can't learn them any other way!!!
Go on missions peeps!! 

Last week we had a testimony meeting at President Wilson's house about handing out books at the Book of Mormon play and it was just so powerful and awesome. At the end, it was about 9:00, so we all kneeled down in the family room of the mission home and had a family prayer together. President Wilson said it and it was just the most powerful prayer ever. He is just such a great mission president. It was so cool to see how much he prayed for us and loves us and how he speaks to Heavenly Father. At the end, we were crying. It just made me think of how much our Heavenly Father loves us and how much he wants us to succeed. 

Things are going so great here! I love Richmond and will be so sad if I have to leave! Transfers are in two weeks, so we'll see. Pray that I stay here!!! 

I'm so grateful for all the love and support, you guys are great! Happy almost Thanksgiving! 

Love you all!

XOXO Sister Fowers

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