Monday, January 12, 2015

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. That's how I've been feeling all week. Its freezing here! It snowed once this week, but there is something about humidity in the winter that just goes through all layers and chills you to the bone haha. 

This week has been so good. I'll tell you some funny stories to start though.
1. One night me and Sister Phipps were trying to go to sleep and we started hearing this weird banging down on the outside of our building, like someone was hitting our wall from the outside, right by our window. So obviously we were super creeped out and scared!! Haha I got brave though, and decided to watch out the window to see what was making the noise. So, there is this porch type thing right by our window and as I'm watching out the window all of the sudden I just see this huge black figure come at me from the porch and I flip out and seriously jump into Sister Phipps' bed with her and we are both screaming and freaking out hahaha. We were hysterical. Then the noise keeps happening and we were like.... "What do we do??? Who do we call? Its like midnight, no one is awake? We're gonna get murdered." Then I told Sister Phipps to go look out the window and she if she could see the weird thing that I saw because I was too scared to look out the window again, so she did. Then all of the sudden she freaks out and like falls to the ground because she saw it too!! We were dying hahaha. I wish we had a video because we were so scared. Turns out, we looked the next day and it was a door that was swinging that made the big shadow and the noises....... so funny.

2. On Monday my companion went down to Richmond for a baptism with another sister, so we just switched companions for the night and I stayed here. I was with Sister Sher and we went tracting in the apartments all around our apartment. They are kind of ghetto.... the first night i got here there was a shooting haha. But we went anyway! So we went up to this top floor and there were these creepy orange lights and it smelled like alcohol and drugs and stuff and we knocked on this door and there was a door that led to the stairwell on my right with a little window on it. So we knock and no one answers, then Sister Sher says, "Look in the window...." and so I do and all I see is this man's eye staring right back at me. It was proabably the creepiest thing I've ever seen and we ran away. And I decided I need some pepper spray. Yup.

Anyway! We also saw some cool miracles this week. :) 

Back at the beginning in December we tracted into this lady named Naomi. She was super nice and told us we could come back. Then, the holidays happened and Sister Phipps got sick so we didn't have a chance to go back and we kind of just forgot eventually. Then on Tuesday night we were planning for our next day and we got done and said a prayer and then Sister Phipps was just like, "We need to go see Naomi!" I didn't even remember who she was, but we looked and saw we had her written down, so we put her on our plans to visit her the next day. Then on Wednesday night we stop by at about 8:00 and she answers and lets us right in! So we sit down and start teaching her a little bit and she just stops us and says, "Can I tell you something weird? Last night I couldn't sleep and that never happens. I couldn't sleep because I was up praying that somehow I would find a way to teach my daughters about God and how to pray. Then you showed up. He answered my prayer REALLY fast." So cool to see the power of prayer working in people's lives! I'm so grateful for it. 

I'm out of time but I hope you all have a great week! Lots of love! 

XOXO Sister Fowers

That happy moment when a recent convert from your last area straight up crochets you a scarf with your name on it for Christmas.... Probably the nicest thing anyone's ever done. :)

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