Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Do it the Lord's Way

So... sorry about last week's email. I totally ran out of time and just had to end it, so I didn't get to say everything! 

But this week we had transfers! Sister Phipps left and Sister Wagstaff is now my new companion! She is so great. She is my same age and from a town just north of Seattle, Washington. We both love to take pictures and laugh, so I'd say its a good match. :) She went to BYU-I and has been out for 3 months. 

Speak of months.... I hit my six month mark this week!! If that isn't the weirdest thing ever than I don't know what is. I just left?? It's been the best though.
 Hopefully the next 12 won't go by so quick. :) 

Remember Naomi that I told you about last week? We taught her again this week and she is so prepared! We didn't have much time to teach her, but we brought a couple with the ward with us and she opened up to them and told them how the day after we taught her the first lesson she went to work and they were having a retirement party for a guy that she's worked with for years. She told us that this guy has always just had a calm, peaceful sense about him but she didn't know why. At this party though, she found out that he was Mormon, so she went up to him and told him about how she had prayed and we had showed up the next day! She told us that it's kind of freaky how many signs and answers Heavenly Father is sending her. The only problem is that she is super busy, but hopefully we will meet with her again this week. Pray for her! 

Highlight of the week though? Ohhh my goodness. Elder Gay of the Seventy came and spoke at our stake conference and it was AMAZING.
 I have literally never been in a meeting like the one we had on Saturday night. 

He started his talk by telling us that the things he was going to say weren't really meant to be written down or shared and that he was going to speak from the depth of his heart. Because of that, I won't share all of the details, but he told a story about his grandma and an experience she had with the Savior. The Spirit was so thick in the room, you could honestly tangibly feel it. It is so cool to hear the special witness of Christ that the leaders of the church have.
 Definitely an experience I will never forget. 

Then we sang Armies of Helaman and I cried.... Ha.

Some favorite quotes from conference:

"We come to Earth, to go to the temple."

"This is the ministry of love."

"There is never a convenient time to serve."

"The Lord's calling you to save your life."

"Because it's true, what am I wiling to do?"

"I hope you are teaching lessons every day,
 by being who you are."

"The greatest sermons that have ever been given haven't been oral, but acts of kindness."

"Perhaps the greatest act of faith we can have in this life is to do the will of the Father no matter where it takes us."

"Be true to the voice of God within you."

"Live your life the Lord's way. Down to the little things, do it the Lord's way."

I love that so much. Are we willing to do it the Lord's way? Are we always ready to set aside our will and do it how He wants us to? That is something I have learned so much on my mission. That the real happiness come, only when we live our life His way. Because His way is so much better. 

The work is picking up so much here in Woodbridge! We are finding so many people who are prepared. 

We had to have a "DTR" with Jeff this week though.... we told him that if he isn't truly working toward his baptism then we can't keep meeting with him. So pray that a miracle happens and he has a change of heart. 

We also met this French lady named Rosa this week. Oh boy, she is hilarious. She ranted to us half in french and half in english forever hahaha. She is so cute though. Next time we go over I'm going to take a picture of her so you can she her. :) 

I love being a missionary. It is honestly just an adventure every day. Knocking doors, talking to strangers, all that jazz. Thanks for all the love and support, you are all the best. 

Have a wonderful week! Love you lots!

XOXO Sister Fowers

Saying goodbye to Sister Phipps

My cute new compie, Sister Wagstaff :)

Sista Wagstaff and I being as awkward as possible

Six months down!

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