Wednesday, July 29, 2015



This week has been a dream! Lets just start from the top. 

First off, congrats to Kade and Heather!
Hazel Maisie is the cutest ever!
 Can't wait to meet my cute new niece :) 

Also, so jealous of the family for going to Lake Powell without me ;)
 But I'm glad you all had a fun safe trip! 

So on Tuesday we had transfer meeting. Sister Weber was going home, so I knew I would be getting a new companion. I had a few ideas of who it would be, but I was praying for one sister. Sister Johns. And guess what. I got her. Hahaha when President announced it, we both literally ran across the chapel and hugged each other so hard core. It was the happiest reunion. :)
 She has been a close friend my whole mission and she actually started her mission here in Rappahannock YSA, so it was her dying wish to come back for her last transfer and she got it!
 So I'm killing another missionary off, but I am so grateful to be with her.
 We are too alike and probably have too much fun. 

So that's super happy :)

This transfer was huge too! 32 new missionaries. So we have lots of new sisters in our zone and it will be a busy transfer! 

We met with our investigator Austin again this week! He is so cool. Its been really hard for him to give up coffee and tea, but every day he's getting better. He is so excited for his baptism. We went over the baptismal interview questions with him and he is so ready.
 He has a hard time letting go of his past,
 but its so cool to see the Atonement truly take effect in someone's life and
  transform them into someone else, someone new and someone better. 

Then that day we met with our investigator Chris again, who works with a member, Cynthia. It was such a powerful lesson! He had some questions after reading the pamphlet on the Restoration of the Gospel, so we answered a lot of them and he was like, "So you claim to be the only true church? That's a bold claim." And we were just like, "Yep, pretty much." :) And he later told the member that he likes when people are bold. #goldeninvestigator
We also committed him to be baptized and set him on date for July 25th! He said he felt like that was soon, but I love how the Spirit just softens people's hearts and helps them see that this will bless their life. He also said that he is looking for a church that can be his church. And he's never been baptized. YES. We are meeting with him again tomorrow :) 

Then Saturday was the 4th of July!! We spent most of the day visiting all of the sisters in our zone, and set goals with them of things they want to accomplish this transfer. They are all so awesome, I'm so grateful to serve and meet so many amazing people who inspire me. We brought them all little American flags, it was fun :) Then we had dinner with a recent convert and her family and got to share the Restoration with her older brother and his fiance that aren't members. Then on the drive home, we drove over the Rappahannock river and saw fireworks and just crowds and crowds of people staring up into the sky and it was just a beautiful moment. I'm so grateful for family and this country and just all the happy things in life. I'm so blessed. 

Then of course Sister Johns and I came home, ate some watermelon
 (you can't have 4th of July without it) and took lots of patriotic pictures. It was great :)

Currently it is raining more than I have ever seen in my whole entire existence. So that's fun. Too bad I actually did my hair today.... #curlyhairsprobs ;)

I am just so happy though!!
This is going to be the best transfer ever.
 Missions are great.
 Life is great.
 Heavenly Father is good.
 Hope y'all have a blessed week! 

XOXO, Sister Fowers

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