Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Good Things

Hey y'all :) everyone in Virginia says y'all, so I do too haha.

I swear this is the busiest I've ever been my whole mission because every week I just think, "This has been the busiest week ever!" and its always true.

On Monday we had a zone pday, so that was fun :) We had a little pizza party and played volleyball. Elders really get into it..... haha.

Then that night at FHE a member, Cynthia, brought her non-member friend Chris! Then she set up a time to go get ice cream with us the next day so we could teach him a lesson too.
 I love seeing members share the gospel.
  Its just as simple as inviting.
And then seeing what happens :)

So on Tuesday we had another lesson with our investigator Austin! I could just go on forever about how cool he is. He has had such a dark, dark past, but is just so ready to change his life. After we taught him the word of wisdom he quit drinking, smoking, and drinking coffee.
Such a miracle!
And he said that as soon as he quit, all of the health problems that he's been having for years suddenly went away. Crazy right? And then we taught him about tithing and fasting and he is just all in.
 He is still planning on being baptized on July 18th :)
  So many good things are happening here in Rappahannock YSA!

Then that night we did some family history with our recent convert Kelsey, which was awesome. She loves it and is so excited to go to the temple!

Then later that night we met with Cynthia and Chris like I said, for ice cream! When we got there we could tell that a storm was brewing, but it hadn't started yet. So we got our ice cream, and then went and sat on a curb and started to teach him a quick lesson about the Book of Mormon. As we are teaching, "BOOM!" the thunder cracks and then it just starts pouring. And it doesn't rain here like it does in Utah. Its like the movies when you go outside and you just get drenched in like two seconds. Hahaha but that didn't stop us! So we just sat there and taught even though we were getting completely soaked and he said he would read and that he is super interested in learning more! So we gave him the Book of Mormon and he stuck it under his shirt so it wouldn't get wet and then we said a closing prayer and ran to our cars.
 Hahaha sometimes I just think,
  "Only on a mission would I be sitting on a curb in the pouring rain, teaching people about Jesus."

The storms have been crazy though! I love Virginia :)

Then the next day we had MLC again. So we went down to Richmond for the day. One thing I really loved, was President gave a training on how we can be "weird" after our missions. Not weird like socially weird, but just how we are going to keep living the gospel and not fall back into our old habits.
 I got some good ideas and just hope that I can go home better than I came out. :)

Then, since Sister Weber is going home in a few days, she went to the temple the next day!
 So Sister Pincock and I were companions for the day
 because her companion is going home too.
 It was so fun :) We worked hard and then for dinner we went to this little Latin Market that has yummy homemade popsicles and a little restaurant in the back. I got papusas (not sure how you spell that).

Then on Friday we had zone meeting! I gave a training on becoming Preach my Gospel missionaries. I learned a lot, I always do when I have to prepare to teach something.
I love Preach My Gospel though! Boy, would we be lost as missionaries without it.

Oh and my trainers were both back in town this week to go to the sealing of a couple they both taught! So it was great to see them both. Freaky to see them in jeans though.... just no haha.

We also found two new investigators this week! LaKrisha and Tiffany. They both had rough lives and are still struggling. Hopefully we can help them to overcome some of those hard things.
  I've gained a huge testimony of the Book of Mormon too and how it can heal us. We always read with our investigators and I love seeing them connect with it.

The Branch also threw Sister Weber a little going home party last night! It was so sweet of them.
 So transfers are tomorrow and I'll be getting a new companion once again! This will be number 9 I think! I'll let you know how it all goes :)
 It's been great being with Sister Weber, she's taught me a lot. Sad to see her go!

Love you all lots! Happy 4th of July!!!! Be safe and have a great week!


Sister Fowers

Our investigator Austin took a cute polaroid of us. He's a gem!

Both of my trainers were back in Virginia to visit-so good to see them again! With Sister Clonts

Sister Roosendaal! back in town!

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