Monday, June 8, 2015

Kelsey's Baptism :)

This week has been so crazy but so happy :)

We were just getting everything ready for Kelsey's baptism!
It was so awesome. Probably the most powerful baptism I've been to.

We got everything ready and set up and taught Kelsey her last lesson right before it started :) She was so excited and so cute, she even accessorized her jumpsuit hahaha. I don't know if I already told you this, but her family is super Southern Baptist. Her family even set up this intervention with her preacher and he pretty much told her she was going to hell and gave her an anti-Mormon book. So sad! But she just told him how it was and told us that it didn't really matter what anyone said because she knows its true. So, the only people from her family that came to her baptism was her mom, grandma, and cousin. But it was so cute because her grandma gave the opening prayer :)

Also, the boy who introduced her to the church at Virginia Tech came and baptized her! His name is Owen and it is so cool because he is a recent convert too! He got baptized in September and started bringing Kelsey to church and gave her a Book of Mormon with his testimony in it. And he is getting his mission call any day now.
 I'm telling you, converts are the best.

Then, another cool thing was that the elders that taught her at Virginia Tech skyped in for the baptism! So they got to see the whole thing and
 one of them even said the closing prayer over Skype.

We also did a musical number and sang "I'm Trying to be like Jesus", it went pretty well, its the spirit that matters right? ;) haha jk.

But the best part was Kelsey's testimony at the end. She just cried and talked about how the gospel has truly changed her whole life and how it literally saved her from the path she was going down. It was so powerful! And she wants to serve a mission in a year. :)

Then after the baptism we all went out to eat and just celebrated, it was a great day. :)

We might also be teaching her best friend soon!
 Kelsey already got a Book of Mormon to give her :)

Anyway, something I've learned this past week is about goals! Our branch president challenged everyone in branch counsel to make a list of 100 things we want to do in our lifetime, and then read that list along with our patriarchal blessing every Sunday. Kind of like a spiritual/temporal bucket list. And then prioritize that list.
 So I've been working on my list and its actually really hard to come up with 100 things!
 I'm in the 60's.
 But I've loved pondering who I want to be, what kind of family I want to have, and what I want to accomplish.
  We can do so much if we put our minds to it!
So that's my little challenge to all of you :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you lots :)
XOXO, Sister Fowers

Fillin the font! woot! woot!

She's so cute

We saved some of  her baptism water and gave it to her as a gift!

Selfies for dayz

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