Monday, November 2, 2015

Learning to Trust Him

Hey hey hey!

Its me again :) I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!! 

This week has been crazy! 

I will try to wrap it all up and have it make any sense at all haha.

On Tuesday we met with our new investigator named Anthony! I told you about him last week- he is super awesome! He is kind of the bachelor/ladies man type and was almost a professional baseball player, but he didn't get drafted or whatever you call it haha. But he has no religious background really, just believes that there is some sort of higher power. We asked him if he ever wonders what his purpose is in life and he said he wonders every day and that he is sick of just living life to get money. He used to just live for baseball, but now that that is over he is just searching for meaning in his life. We had a really powerful lesson and he is so prepared! He works on Sundays, so he couldn't come to church, but he has been reading the Book of Mormon and we are meeting with him tomorrow night!  

On Wednesday we had MLC down in Richmond and it was so good. All of the STL's and zone leaders surprised Sister Wilson by making pink shirts for her and before we walked in the gym for lunch, we all put them on and just walked in and she just started crying.
 It was so sweet. She has the most positive attitude and is the best example to all of us.
 I learned a lot at MLC though, and on Friday I gave a training on gratitude.
Every time I study about gratitude I just see how much I have been blessed! 
Heavenly Father is so good to me. 
President Wilson also challenged all of the missionaries to make the holidays this year about others. So many times we try to make the holidays good for ourselves. But as we turn outward and just make them about loving and serving others, we will have the best and most spiritual holidays ever. So that's my challenge for you too!
 Find someone you can love and do it this holiday season :) 

Then on Wednesday night we got to spend the night proselyting in Richmond, I went to VCU of course, and then we spent the night at the mission home because we had sister training leader meeting the next day! I love being with the sisters and I learned a lot about how to be a Christ-like leader. 

We also met with Gabriella and Brandon this week! Wow, it was such an amazing lesson!! We talked about the temple with them and how reading and praying each day will help them to overcome the struggles they are having in their relationship. They just aren't sure if they want to be together, but they need to either get married or move out in order to get baptized. So that's a struggle, but I know that Heavenly Father will work everything out. 

The really cool part was when Brandon was sharing what he learned from the Book of Mormon. He told us he has been reading it every day on his lunch break and it has been changing his life. He started crying and told us how when his grandmother was his age she would party wasn't religious and one day she just got this feeling that she needed to read the bible, so she started reading and then she started going to church and one day she just realized that being in the church was the only thing that made her happy. And after that she gave up all of her partying and cleaned up her life. Brandon was super close to his grandmother and she passed away a few weeks ago. He got super emotional and told us that he felt like she was influencing him from the other side to read the Book of Mormon and that she was giving him the same hunger for the gospel that she had when she was young. It was so cool to see how the simple things of the gospel are really changing this little family's life! The only obstacle is the marriage thing and that Gabriella isn't having quite as many spiritual experiences because she isn't reading and praying as much. So we are working on that. But we fasted for them this week and they told us last minute that they weren't going to come to church, but then a few minutes before it started they told us they were on there way!! So they have come the past three weeks and are doing so great :) Brandon said his goal is to be baptized before Thanksgiving.
So please keep praying for them!! 

Also, happiest of news. We had transfer calls this Saturday. And guess what.
Yay!!! Its a Halloween miracle!
 I finally get to keep a companion for two transfers! Hahaha everyone thought for sure that Sister Canty would get transferred, but nope! Heavenly Father is so good and is letting us stay together :) So we are going to celebrate and we are going to have so many miracles this transfer. 

One thing I have been learning lately is that Heavenly Father has a plan for us! He is so in control, even when we don't realize it. I am so grateful that we can pray and learn His will because if everything was just left up to me my life would be a mess! But we just have to learn to trust Him and everything always seems to work out. I'm grateful for that. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and stay warm! Its chilly here in VA, but oh so beautiful :) 

Love you so much!
XOXO, Sister Fowers

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