Monday, October 26, 2015

"On Wednesdays We Wear Pink"


Fall is finally here in Virginia! 
I wish you could all be here to witness the beautiful leaves and trees. Its amazing!
 Definitely not like Utah. :) 

This week has been busy and a little stressful! I just feel like I'm running around going 500 mph sometimes haha. But busy is good and I know I'll miss the craziness of mission life someday. 

On Tuesday we had zone conference! We had it because the church needed to put black boxes in our cars! Yep. We were not excited hahaha. They monitor our speed, whether or not we wear a seat-belt, and if we are driving "wrecklessly". Its not that bad except for the speeding part. All the time we are driving and the little box says, "Check your speed!" Its funny, but it will be good overall to keep missionaries safe. 

The fun part of the zone conference was that we all wore pink! If you didn't know, a few weeks ago our mission president's wife was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. We were so sad to get the news, but it has been so cool to see all of the support and love that everyone has for her. So on Tuesday we all wore pink shirts, skirts, ties, etc. She is doing fine, but keep her in your prayers! 

Then we had a cool miracle that night actually! Our old ward mission leader and his wife took us out to dinner to a restaurant and our waiter saw that we were wearing pink and had name-tags, so he asked us what the special occasion was. We told him about Sister Wilson and that we were missionaries and then we asked him if he was religious. He said, "I didn't used to be, but I'm working on it." So we gave him a card with our info on it and the church address and we had to run before we could get his info at the end. We didn't expect much out of it, but two days ago he text us! His name is Anthony and we are meeting with him tomorrow! He told us he is excited to learn some new stuff haha :) I love how Heavenly Father just puts people in our path!

We also had an amazing lesson with Gabriella and Brandon again this week! So, Brandon has been searching for a job for months, and when we went over they told us that he had got a job that day! He said that he knew it was a blessing from Heavenly Father because they came to church last week! He said, "Every time we meet with you guys and come to church, miracles happen." 
Ahh we were so happy for them! I love when investigators are able to see the blessings in their life as they live the gospel and sacrifice for it.
 They are the cutest family ever! We also taught them about the Word of Wisdom and they accepted everything! Yay! And they came to church again this week and they loved it because it was the primary program. So they got to see the potential that their little family has. 
So many miracles happening with them :) 

We also went on two exchanges this week! Busy busy! I feel like I never see my companion hahaha :) 

We also got a new investigator named Ta'nique from the elders this week. She is a 15 year old girl who has been investigating for a while. She wants to be baptized, but her dad won't give her permission to. So that's a bummer. He didn't want her meeting with elders either, that's why they had to pass her off to us. But we are going to pray super hard and hopefully her dad's heart will be softened! 

Our recent convert Rashida is doing so well too :) She came to church yesterday and got her first temple recommend! She was glowing and is so excited to go. She is pretty much my favorite human ever, its fine. Haha she is so happy and is just so grateful for the gospel! 
Sometimes I think about what life would be like if I had never gone on a mission and it makes me so sad to even think about it! I would never trade it for the world :) 

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween this week! I will be busy going to MLC, sister training leader meeting, zone meeting, etc. Each week gets busier! But be safe and have fun! 

Love you all so much :)
XOXO, Sister Fowers

Zone Conference in pink!


  1. Hi..
    This is Elder Smith in the Midlothian Ward. I am so grateful that Sister Canty and Sister Dart baptized me on May 16, 2015 in the Midlothian Ward. Please ask Sister Canty to write me at 704 Bristol Village Drive, Apt. 205, Midlothian, VA. 23114. She can email me at

  2. This is Sister Fowers' mom. I wrote Sis Canty this morning and gave her your contact info. She will be in touch soon!