Monday, October 12, 2015

Miracle week!

Hey! It's us, the "church chicks" as Brother Caulder calls us ;)

This week was a MIRACLE WEEK. Like woah.

On Tuesday we got home for the night and we had a text from our investigator Andrew. It said, "Sorry to bother you, but how does baptism work?" 

And of course we were freaking out and so excited because that is always a good sign. :) so we told him and asked him why he asked and he said, "I asked that because I feel the Holy Ghost is inclining me to be baptized, but I still want to learn more. What are the requirements for being a missionary, and how does the process of being one work?" 

Then we were REALLY freaking out hahaha. So we told him we could teach him more about becoming a missionary and the he said, "Okay, God, I think, really wants me to learn more about His church super well to spread it to others. That's why I'm sure He wants me to learn more."

Basically at this point we were like screaming, and having a little celebration ha! We had only been teaching him for a week and two days. And he already knew it was true and wanted to serve a mission!? So crazy. Basically we kept teaching him like every day and he has such a strong testimony! He is really into the deep doctrine and had even started emailing a retired history professor from BYU! Hahaha and he ordered a triple combination and a gospel principles book off of Amazon. But even with all of his deep questions, it was the Spirit that inspired him to be baptized and he listened to that voice. 

So we set him on date for Saturday to be baptized and it happened! It was such an awesome baptism. He shared his testimony of how his journey started when he was six years old when the missionaries knocked on his door and ever since then he has been learning and searching for the true church. He has gone to all sorts of different churches and he told us that he had never been baptized into any of them because he didn't want to do it until he found the true church and he found it! And he is super excited to go on a mission in a year and told us that he feels like God wants him to go on a mission to help other people that are in the religions that he was in, so he can relate to them. HIS STORY BLOWS MY MIND. He randomly walked into church two weeks ago and now he is baptized. I'm so amazed by the miracles that still happen every day and that Heavenly Father is preparing His children! 

The investigator that we passed off to the elders, Jared, ended up not getting baptized because of his family though :( but Andrew wants to go to his lessons and help him be baptized! He's already such a missionary already! Keep praying for Jared though. 

We are also still teaching our investigator Rashida! She is getting baptized this Saturday!! Yay! I'm so excited for her :) She reads the Book of Mormon and prays every morning and loves it. She is so ready and it will be so great. She has come so far and there has just been such a change in her countenance and she seems so much happier now than when we first started teaching her.
 I love how the gospel can really change people! It always amazes me. 

We also met with our investigators Gabriella and Brandon this week. They are the ones that have a little daughter and need to get married. This lesson was a little different though, we found out they are having a little rough patch in their relationship and things aren't going very well for them :( but we are going to keep working with them and help them to figure things out so they can be baptized. Pray for them! 

We also had zone workshops this week! We learned a lot about working with members and how to hasten the work. I am so grateful for members that help the missionaries. This ward is amazing, they buy us groceries every week, feed us, come to lessons with us, fellowship our investigators, bring their friends to church, etc. I have learned so much on my mission about being a member of the church! I feel like I knew nothing before haha :)
But there are so many people who have been such great examples to me of sharing the gospel fearlessly and serving whole heartedly. 

Speaking of members, Brother and Sister Ferrell made us roasted squirrel last night! Yep. No joke. We ate it. I was really nervous, but it wasn't bad!
 I'm now a true Virginian ;) 

I also hit my 15 month mark this week! What the flip? 

I just really, really love my mission. It is such a treasure to me and I have never been happier. If you haven't read it, go read "The Miracle of a Mission" by Jeffrey R. Holland. :) 

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY TO MY MOM!!!!! I love you so much and hope you had the best day! 

This week was great. This next week will be great. Life is great. Y'all are great. :) 

Love you!
Sister Fowers

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