Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunshine in my soul

Hello beautiful people! Happy Monday!

We have had a crazy but awesome week here in Q-town.

We went on two exchanges this week, so it was pretty busy. I went with Sister Sylvester for the day and we rode bikes! Hahaha it was the first time I've been on a bike on my mission and all I have to say is props to all you sisters out there who ride a bike in a skirt every day. Its not easy! But it was a fun day and I took some comical pictures of me in a helmet,. 

I also got to go on exchanges with my trainee, Sister Mailata! 
She is in our zone, so we got to be companions once again! It was so fun, she is the best. :)

We also had a huge miracle with our investigators Gabriella and Brandon this week! So last week I told you they were having some relationship problems and such. They also have struggled to come to church because of her work schedule. So last Sunday we fasted for them and we've been praying for them like crazy. Well this week we went to see them and we just felt like we should read the Book of Mormon with them, so we read Ether 12. We only got through like the first 10 verses and the spirit just took over the lesson. They had a completely different light about them from last week and they told us how they have had tons of miracles happen to them that week and that Brandon wants to join the military, but they would have to get married for him to join! The chapter we read talked about faith, and they just opened up to us and told us how they knew the next step for them was to come to church and that Gabriella had this Sunday off of work!
I was just in awe the whole time. It is so crazy to me how Heavenly Father answers prayers so quickly sometimes! I gained a huge testimony of fasting too. They ended up all coming to church, even though they missed sacrament meeting, they stayed for Gospel Principles and they said they will come on time next week haha :) 
They are the cutest little family and I can't wait for them to be baptized!

We also met with our recent convert Andrew this week! He is doing so well :) We taught him more about the Priesthood and he is so excited to receive it! He went on splits with the elders in the ward and he said it was so strange be on that side of the lesson. He is so excited to serve a mission though and is going to do so many great things! 

Biggest miracle of the week though: Rashida got baptized!! It was the coolest experience ever. After her interview on Thursday she literally ran out of the church yelling "I'm getting baptized!" in her cute African accent, waving her arms. Then at her baptism she kept squealing and clapping her hands. She couldn't stop smiling. I don't know if I have ever seen someone that happy in my entire life. She asked me and Sister Canty to sing "There is Sunshine in my Soul" for the musical number. I played the guitar and we both sang, and when I looked up during the song she had tears running down her face. It was so touching and we both struggled to keep it together and finish the song. The Spirit was so thick. After she was baptized as soon as she came up out of the water she squealed and said, "Aaahhhhh I am baptized!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Hahaha it was so cute. The room was so filled with joy and everyone was laughing and crying. :)

I felt like I was at the waters of Mormon when the people of Alma were getting baptized:
"When the people had heard these words, they clapped their hands for joy, and exclaimed this is the desire of our hearts."

It was the happiest baptism and an experience that I will never forget :) 
I am so grateful for the gospel! It is the happiest thing on the planet.
 My companion and I were talking about it yesterday and just wondering to ourselves, 
"Do I feel that kind of joy every time I take the sacrament?"
That really hit me. I never want to lose the excitement and joy I felt at my own baptism. We should feel that way each week! We get to recommit, rejuvenate, and cleanse ourselves. That is the happiest thing in the world! 

I hope you all have a great week and start now to prepare yourself for the sacrament next week! Make it the happiest part of your week and your life. 

I love you guys! I hope you all stay warm and see lots of miracles this week! 

Sister Fowers


Rashida's Baptism

Andrew's baptism-last week!

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