Monday, September 22, 2014

sisters, jail, church, and meet the mormons!

This week was so good! So many good things happening. 

So on Tuesday, we met with Shyanne again. She is the cutest, sweetest, funniest person ever. I just love her so much. We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she just ate it up. She loves the bible and we were basically just having a gospel discussion with her and she was saying more profound things than we were most of the time. She is so prepared! By the end of the lesson she looks at us and says, "Oh, I just need to be baptized! Lets do it!" So yeah she's awesome.  

That same day we met with Sam, an investigator, and Ian again. Sam had us come to her apartment and so the whole time we were teaching her the Plan of Salvation she was making peanut butter cookies. Hahaha so it was a different lesson. But she is super chill and has tons of mormon friends from northern VA. 

Then that night Ian took us out to Noodles and Company (yumm) and we taught him about tithing, fasting, and fast offering! It was a really good lesson and he committed to live it! 

Wednesday we had Sisters Meeting!!

All of the sister in the whole mission get together and have little trainings and workshops and just get to be together! This meeting the theme was the young women's values! So we had little classes about all of the values, had lunch, played games, had a clothing exchange, and President talked to us. :) 

My favorite part of the meeting was when President Wilson got up and talked to us. He was talking about Sister Wilson and how when he was looking for a wife he was looking for 2 things: someone who was as committed to the gospel as he was, and someone who would be a great mom. Then he just started to cry and said "My vision for all of you sisters is for you to be cute moms someday, with cute little kids. I see you as the fun,loving mom who talks to everyone in the grocery store and shares the gospel with them. Then your kids will see you sharing the gospel and they will want to do the same. And then they will grow up, and they will be loving and wonderful people, just like their mom."

I love that. Of course we are out on missions for the people who we will teach, but there is so much more! Sister Anderson told us a few weeks back that, "Someday your investigators will become your neighbors and your district will become your family. Missionary work doesn't end when you go home." So I just love how our missions and the things we do in this short 18 months carry on throughout our whole lives.

Then on Saturday we had some interesting plans! A recent convert that Sister Roosendaal knew when she was here is actually in jail right now and we got to go visit her! I've never visited anyone in jail, but it was straight up exactly like the movies. Sister Chuntz, the senior missionary in our ward, came with us and we all talked to her through the glass on a phone. It was crazy. 

She is from San Salvador and is so cute. She asked us to sing her a hymn through the phone and one of her favorites is There is A Green Hill Far Away. So we sang it to her and she just started to cry. It was so sad, it just broke my heart. It just made me so grateful for the life I've been given.

That night we taught Ian again! At sister's meeting we found out that my old companion who taught Ian with me, Sister Clonts, couldn't come to his baptism if it was on the 27th because of the young women's broadcast. And Ian loves her so I had a feeling that he would move his date.... yup I was right! So now, he is set for Oct 11th! (mom's bday!) But he is struggling with his testimony and just getting into weird anti-mormon material. So we'll see how it all pans out. 

Then on Sunday, guess what! We had 4 investigators at church! Yep, maybe that doesn't sound like a lot but its a new personal record and it was cray cray. 

Shyanne came, Sam came, Ian came, and this other girl Marisa who we haven't even taught yet came! Ahh it was awesome. :) They all had such a great experience. Plus we had Sunday Supper after church, which is when the ward feeds everyone dinner every fifth Sunday, and Shyanne and Sam stayed for it and it was so fun. I just love them. So it was a great Sunday!

Oh and the Book of Mormon read-a-thon starts this Saturday for our mission! So if you're down for it get reading on Saturday all the way through next Saturday

Also, I don't know if you guys have seen previews for this new movie called "Meet the Mormons" but it's coming out Oct 10th and its supposed to be awesome! As missionaries we get to watch it before it comes out, so I'm pumped. :) But yeah, invite your friends to go watch it with you! 

Everything is still great here in VA! We have started to buy yummy, fall smelling candles and every night we turn off all the light in our apartment, light the candles, and write in our journals. So cozy. :) I'm ready for fall on the East coast!

Love you all and miss you! 
xoxo Sister Fowers

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