Monday, September 29, 2014

Weird Things!

Helloooooo :)

This week was just crazy. I never thought missions would be this stressful. THEY'RE SO STRESSFUL. Hahaha 

Last Monday we went out to lunch with some of the sisters and senior sisters, so fun. :) I sent a picture!

Tuesday we had another lesson with Shyanne and we taught her about obedience and following the prophet and she is just so amazing. She is so sassy and just calls me a goof all the time and says I have a baby face hahaha :) We had her watch "I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee" by President Monson and she said she loved it. 

We also had another lesson with Ian that night and we taught him about the commandments and the Word of Wisdom. He is sort of addicted to coffee, so he's been struggling with that. He also brought up stuff that he'd been reading on the internet again so I just got kind of mad at him and told him that he needed to be humble and stop trying to be converted by what other people tell him on the internet and start seeking answers from the Spirit, because the Spirit is what is going to tell him what God wants him to do, not what others think he should do. It just hit me when I told him that, how the only way we can truly know if we are doing what God wants us to do is if we follow the Spirit. But Ian is doing better, hopefully he can just gain a strong enough testimony to help him follow through.

Wednesday... oh boy. What a day. Haha first of all, it was raining all day long and kind of dreary. Then we had an appointment set up with our investigator Sam at 2:30. So we asked a ward member to come to the lesson!

Then, last minute, Sam text us and said she had cut her finger and didn't want to walk to the YSA center in the rain, so she wanted us to just come teach her at her apartment. 

So.... the member that was coming said she would drive us there since it was only like a two minute drive away. So we get in the car and start driving through the rain, and we are literally one block from the building when we stop at a busy intersection to turn right and BOOM. We get rear ended. 


So this member is like in the middle of turning right, so she just keeps driving and pulls off to the side of the road (bad idea). Then the car that hit us just drives off. Yep. 

They hit and ran our member! Plus, to top it off her car was brand new and we are standing in the rain consoling this girl who is crying because her car just got hit and they drove away. 

And then the member didn't come to the lesson anyway. So...... not the best day ever. Hahaha oh the life of a missionary. :)

On Thursday we had our first lesson with a girl named Marisa, she came to church last week before we had ever taught her and she is literally amazing. She is 18 and a freshman and VCU. She said she loved church and had all of these funny questions for us when we met, but we taught her the restoration and she is so prepared. She was raised Methodist but never really went until her senior year of high school. She told us that the day before she came to church she had this dream/vision of Christ too, so crazy. She has so much faith and is just so open and non-judgmental. I love her. She came to church this week again and it was so great. We are meeting with her again this week and I can't wait to see where so goes. Plus she is bringing a friend to church next time! Yay!

We also met with this little Chinese girl named Tiffany that we met on campus and we taught her the restoration. We were talking about families and she just started to cry, it was so sad. She has a really broken family and the spirit was so strong. 

On Friday we met with this guy named Casey (yes that was confusing the whole lesson). We taught him the restoration and it was just so funny because he was raised in the middle of nowhere and is obsessed with blue grass music. Classic Virginian right there. He is awesome though, because he kept talking about how he would ask God yes or no questions and then he would feel this burning warm feeling in his heart and that's how he would know what he should do. We were like that's the Spirit!! Hahaha he set it up perfectly :) 

Then after the lesson we had a baptism in the ward again!! And guess who came..... Shyanne! :) It was such a powerful baptism and one of them had a water-side confirmation and it was amazing. So Shyanne was crying and feeling the spirit. We kept teasing her that she was next haha :) but we weren't kidding... ha!

Saturday we started the WEEK LONG BOOK OF MORMON READ-A-THON! We seriously just read all day and my eyes just started to do weird things from reading that long hahaha. 75 pages is a lot for one day! But we are still goin strong :) 

That night was also the General Women's broadcast and we watched it at our bishop's house! They had a bunch of people from the ward come and we all had a potato bar! Plus Shyanne came! She was just crying and taking notes the whole time, it was so cute. The ward loves her and she is hilarious. She kept telling me I looked tired hahaha :) 

The broadcast was SO GOOD THOUGH! Ahh, such great talks. I loved Uchtdorf's- amazing! Just what I needed and it got me so excited for conference. :) 

Some weird things that have happened lately: 

1. We were walking back at the end of the night and I stopped and talked to two giant black guys who were about to cross the street. They were super unfriendly but I kept talking to them and then the walk signal went on so we walked across the street with them. One guy was super not interested and his friend was just listening to us, not talking. Then I told him what our purpose was as missionaries and he straight up just started laughing so hard. Like really, really loud and hard. I was like what the heck?? I'm being serious here! Hahaha it was so awkward. Then I just got serious again and told him to look at People are so unfriendly!

2. One day it was raining and we were walking on campus and my companion went to hand this guy walking past us a card and before she could even say anything he straight up ducked from the card and started crawling on the ground to get away from us. Like what?

3. We were walking on campus, past Freshman dorms, on the sidewalk. As we are walking we start feeling this weird mist in the air hit our faces. We were like why is there water in the air?? Then all of the sudden a giant wave of water hits our heads from above. Yup. Someone poured a  bucket of water onto us from their window from the top floor. We were not happy.

Just a few of the weird things we get on campus. 

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NEPHEW JAMO! That is crazy that he is 3! Tell him I love him :)

Everything is going great! The work is picking up and I just love it. :) 

Hope everyone has a great week!

xoxo Sister Fowers

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