Monday, October 20, 2014

New comp once again!

This week has been so good! Its definitely an emotional roller-coaster killing off another missionary hahaha :) It just makes me so not excited for the day when I have to go home! Crazy. But Sister Roosendaal has been such a great companion and missionary and I know she'll do great when she gets home. All good things must end right? 

We've been having a sort of rough week with our investigators. It just seems like they are all kind of losing their desire to find out for themselves if its true. I'm telling ya, agency is a frustrating thing. I just love these people and want them to choose this!! But we can't force them, that's the tricky part haha. Hopefully we'll be able to regain that desire. 

We actually had a super cool experience this week with a girl named Gina! We went out contacting on Thursday and its Fall break at VCU, so nobody was really out. But we decided to walk down Broad street and see if anyone would talk to us. It was pretty late at night, around 8:00 and we stopped and talked to this girl. She said she didn't really know what she believed but that she was figuring it out and searching. We were like "that's perrrfff, cause we can help you with that!" Haha so we asked her if she'd have time right then to have a lesson with us and she said yes! So this 19 year old girl agreed to walk 3 blocks to our Institute building in the dark to talk to some strangers about God. Pretty crazy. But we taught her and she is just so humble and sweet! She loved everything we taught her and we asked her to read 2 Nephi 31 and then pray about it. She said she would and then we asked if we could meet the next day and she said yes.

So the next day we meet her at Barnes and Noble and the first thing she says when we asked her if she prayed about what we taught her is "Yes, what you said is true. I got this warm feeling in my heart and I know its true." We were like whhaaaa?? Such a miracle! She is going through some really really hard times right now and I know that Heavenly Father put us in her path. She came to church this sunday and is set to be baptized on November 8th! Hopefully :)

Another day on campus we met these two girls and they were telling us how they just got baptized into another church hahaha :) we were like shoot. But then we were like we'll come to your church if you come to ours! And they said they'd be down so we did it! Let me tell you, it was straight up the funniest thing i've ever done. Its called the Greater Richmond Church of Christ. We got there and about 90% of the congregation is black, so we stick out like a sore thumb, plus we have our nametags on, it was a sight. :) Then they stand up and start singing all these crazy black christian songs and clapping, the whole 9 yards. I was dying- it was everything i dreamed church in the south would be. :) Then they had a sermon and they talked about "what heaven will be like". It was so interesting to hear their beliefs compared to ours. Basically, they have all of the same beliefs except some about marriage and stuff like that. The biggest difference though, was the whole time the preacher would say things like, "the way i image it from this scripture is...." or "to me it sounds like..." or "we can assume that it means this..." they weren't sure about anything!! And it was a really good sermon, but the spirit wasn't there. I felt like I was just having a chat in a religion class. The whole entire time i just wanted to stand up there in front of all those people and TESTIFY that I KNEW, I didn't just THINK that we'd live with our families for eternity. There is so much comfort in the solidity of our church. WE KNOW THE TRUTH, we don't just think it. There's a big difference. But yeah, it was such a fun experience :)

Oh and TRANSFERS are tomorrow!! And I'm staying in Chippy!! Yay! 

Sister Roosendaal, is going home! So I'll be getting a new companion, wish me luck!! I can't get one to stick around I guess. :)

Also, Ian is doing really well. We had a lesson with him and he just seems like he has the spirit so much more than before, its cool to see the change in him. We're working on getting him to want to get the priesthood, he doesn't really understand it. So pray that he will. 

I don't have much time but thanks so much for all the love and support! Look for missionary moments every day! 

xoxo Sister Fowers
At the Richmond Museum of Fine Arts

Monument Avenue

I may or may not have gotten highlights! don't kill me mom!
The last few days with Sister Roosendaal

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