Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone! 

Can I just say that its fun/kind of torture to go to the grocery store during the holidays? All i want to do is buy every pumpkin flavored baking mix that exists. Hope everyone has a good Halloween though! We'll be having a lesson or something since we're not allowed to go street contacting that night haha #missionaryprobs.

This week was transfers and I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Chipman and she is from Lewiston, Utah. Right by the border of Utah and Idaho, and guess where she went to school...... UTAH STATE woot woot!! She has been out for 10 months so we both actually went to USU at the same time for fall semester, kinda crazy! We figured out that we were both taking mission prep from the same institute teacher haha, small world. :) She is super nice though and I just love her. So life is good! 

We've been having a good week! We had some small miracles happen where we got back in contact with some investigators that had disappeared, so that was cool. Mostly we've just been doing a looooottttt of street contacting haha. We've met some cool people so just pray that they won't be flaky and not show up to our lessons! 

We met with Gina again and she is doing really well! She told us that she just believes that this is what God wants her to do. This weekend though, she was going home to her parents house in Charlotte, NC, so we found the closest church to her house and she was going to go! So we were all excited, but then she text us and said her family freaked out about her wanted to get baptized and wouldn't let her go to church. So..... now its looking like we have to push back her baptism date to the 22nd. Hopefully her family's hearts will soften. 

We also met with this guy on campus from Guyana? I don't know how to spell it hahaha. Its like a British colony in south america! Everybody know how much I love british accents......... lets just say i was in heaven. He was super cool though! He kept asking all of these super deep crazy questions and we didn't even have the answers. Sometimes we just need to ask "is this necessary for my salvation?" and if the answer is no, then don't sweat it! The gospel is a lot more simple than we make it sometimes. 

Our investigator Sam sort of dropped us this week...... I was so sad!! Ahh. She just doesn't know if she agrees with organized religion in general. We met with her one last time and she said she'd pray about continuing to meet with us but wasn't sure. :( 

Things are going great here though! I love to drive down monument avenue and see all the changing leaves and drive past the James River :) Virginia is so pretty. 

Also, I'd just like to note that today Taylor Swift's new album came out. Yep. #crying

I love you guys though, thanks for everything! You da best. 

Kaycee and her new companion Sis. Chipman
xoxo Sister Fowers :)

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