Monday, April 13, 2015

Birthdays, Hump days, and Sunny days!!

Hola everyone! 

This week has been just so fun. :) Lots of celebrating! 

On Monday we went to the zoo which was lots of fun. I got to feed a giraffe out of my hand and Sister Mailata had never seen any of the animals in her life, so it was pretty entertaining to watch her haha. 

I also took some pictures with the camels cause my HUMP DAY is coming up! And I may or may not have sat on a fence and it may or may not have broken. Then I fell backwards and all of the sisters were just laughing so hard and so a stranger helped me up. 

Yup. Graceful right? 

Haha anyway, that night we saw an awesome miracle!
 We were tracting on this little street and as we were walking down the road, we pass a mom and a daughter walking their dog. We start talking to them and ask them if they have time that we could share a message with them and they said yes! So we said a prayer on the side of the road and taught them the restoration. Their names are Valerie and Kelsey and they were super nice and super interested. So high hopes for them!

BUT, part two is that as we were teaching them, their neighbor drives by and sees us praying. Then after the lesson, we go to knock on her door and she is totally interested too! She gave us her number and told us to come back. So we came back a few days later and taught her and her boyfriend and they are awesome. They had some super powerful experiences in the past, but are having troubles right now and it was cool to see how much they really need the gospel in their life.

Sometimes I think about how as missionaries we are literally answering people prayers.
  In person! Heavenly Father is so aware of these people and what they need.  

So many miracles happening every day! 

This week we also did some fun service things. :) We're still getting to know the ward, so Sister Precourt took us to every member's home and we gave them a little flower in a pot with the quote from conference,
"Don't bury your testimony in the ground."
I love visiting members and getting to know them.
The church is awesome. 

Also, we celebrated Sister Mailata's 20th birthday! The members just took her right in and we ate lots and lots of cake... too much! Haha but it was fun and she is great. :) 

Also, random- but there have been some crazy lighting storms this week! One night we woke up to lighting and thunder that literally sounded like it was above our roof. It was so loud!! Virginia has crazy weather. :) 

But it is beautiful outside now! So sunny and happy and warm. 

We also saw a miracle last night! Like a month ago, we were tracting late at night and we decided to pray for a specific miracle. So we prayed to know who we should find and then we sat and listened. My companion felt like we needed to find a teenage boy. So we went tracting and we found Camarey! He is a senior in high school and is so nice! 

But then we had a hard time catching him at home after that. :/ 

But then last night we went to visit him and he was finally home! We had an awesome lesson on his front porch and the spirit was so strong. And we found out one of his friends is LDS! So we are teaching him again on Wednesday. :) 

Then we taught a Muslim family that night and we traded a Book of Mormon for a Koran! .

This email is super scattered, but life is just going so great!
 I just love being a missionary.
 Thanks for all the love and support. 

Love you all!!

XOXO Sister Fowers :)

Zoo shenanigans

Once upon a time we went to the zoo and I sat on this fence and it broke.....................and I fell a skirt..................AWKWARD!

Happy Hump day to me!

Happy Birthday to my little samoan!

Thanks!!!! She loved it!!

Congrats to the Midlothian Zone missionaries-winners of "More Fit for the Kingdom"! average days exercised 22.7 and average weight lost 2.7 pounds.

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