Monday, April 6, 2015

Unending Grace

Hello everyone! 

Happy late Easter! It has been a great week :) 

First off, Spring in Virginia is so pretty!! There are trees with blossoms everywhere, and I love them. Plus its warming up and is just beautiful weather for missionary work. :) 

How was everyone's weekend?? I'm pretty sure General Conference is a thousand times better when you're a missionary. Its like the mission superbowl. 

I'll come back to conference though.

This week we've been still trying to find new investigators. We did meet with our investigator Tommy Orcutt this week though! The Orcutt's are the sweetest humans on the planet. They are so southern and just tell stories, they're so cute. :) Tommy's wife, Carol, just got baptized and the missionaries have been working with him but it hasn't seemed to get very far with him. He's very set in his Baptist ways and doesn't see the vision of who the gospel can make him. 

But we were teaching him this week and were just really blunt and asked him why he won't get baptized! He comes to church every week! Then my cute little companion says, "Tommy, what are you waiting for??"
 Sometimes I wonder if that's how Heavenly Father feels about us.
 We know that living the gospel will make us happy, so what are we waiting for?
Pride just gets in the way sometimes. But he will come around. :)

On Friday we went on exchanges with the sister training leaders too! We saw a cool miracle with a guy named Cory that we had taught once before in his garage. We stopped by and he came out onto his porch and we taught him about the Plan of Salvation. It was cool to see how all of his concerns could be answered through what we were teaching.
  Heavenly Father's plan is perfect!
It is simple, but it is perfect.
 Cory wasn't sure about it but he has a really strong desire to read the whole Book of Mormon and pray about it, so we have high hopes for him!

Then on Saturday we had General Conference! 

... the best. 

Some of my favorite highlights (probably not accurate quotes, but oh well!):

"2 ingredients for a successful marriage: a cookie and a kiss!"

"Real love last eternally."

"The decision to believe is the most important decision we ever make."

*There are over 100,000 missionaries!!!

"One of the greatest blessings of discipleship is peace of mind."

"Because of Him, we need not fear."

"Many things are good and important, but few are essential."

"If you can't hear the music, keep practicing."

"A Saint is a sinner who keeps on trying."

"No matter what, with His help, God expects us to keep trying."

"All I really want in life is to please my Father."

"The Church has never been stronger."

"Its beautiful to get back to the essence of the gospel."

"Is the gospel still wonderful to you?"

"We are all on the same journey back home."

"He still extends unending grace with pierced palms and scarred wrists."

"God loves us deeply, perfectly, and everlastingly."

"Obedience is a grand rehearsal for the next life."

"If you lose the spirit, you are lost!"

I am so grateful for prophets and apostles who lead and guide us. I have been studying the life of Christ lately and I loved Elder Holland's talk.
 He is the hands that grasp us as we fall, He is always there.
 I am so grateful that He submitted to the will of His Father, no matter what.
 What a gift. 

We also had transfer calls this weekend, but for the first time, we didn't get a call! Yay! I'm keeping this compie for once! So we're staying here in good ol' Clover Hill :) 

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Thanks for all the love, packages, candy, support, etc. You da best. 

Lots of love,
XOXO Sister Fowers

You have to look at this picture first in order for the next one to be funny! haha Sister Mailata lifting me.

.............then there's me trying to lift her. We've been laughing at this  picture for a week!

Zone Meeting

Pretty trees everywhere! I love Sping!

Happy Easter!

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