Monday, April 27, 2015

Always Worth It


First off, a lice update: THE BATTLE CONTINUES.
 I am now completely paranoid about everything in our apartment. So that's fun.
 Too bad we can't just light the apartment on fire hahaha.

This week we had some fun things happen!

On Tuesday we had zone workshops! We learned a lot about teaching using the pamphlets and how to introduce the Book of Mormon to investigators.
 I've gained such a testimony of the Book of Mormon on my mission.
Its so powerful!!
I just wish everyone in the whole world would read it. :) 

We've also been doing a lot with family history lately!! YAY! My favorite :) Our ward is doing a huge push for it, its called "Clover Hill Beyond the Veil". Haha and we got to meet with our recent converts and their home teachers to help them get into and find names! I love the excitement of finding a name and watching someone else feel that excitement as well. The Lord is hastening the work and not just missionary work, the work of salvation! Every part of it, including family history. :)

We also had an awesome lesson this week with a young girl we met named Keeara. Both of her parents are ministers at non-denominational churches hahaha. But, she has so much faith and really loved our message. Its cool to see how the Spirit communicates our message to people of all different walks of life. She committed to read and pray and be baptized if she knew it was true! It was funny though, as we walked out the door her dad said, "You know she's already saved right?" Haha welcome to the bible belt :)

I also got some news from my last area that Rosa might be getting baptized next week!! She's the funny little french lady that I taught!! So pray super hard that it happens and that I get to go:) 

We also had a regional broadcast on Sunday for the North-eastern US and Elder Andersen, Sister Reeves, Elder Kacher, and Elder Hales spoke. It was really awesome.
 Some favorite quotes:

"Are we converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ or the social aspect of the church?" 

"Repent so thoroughly that when you look back at your life you can see no evidence of your sins at all."

"Never shut the door of your heart or your home to any of your children."

"Miracles happen to humble members of the church who live simply."

I'm doing great and am just so grateful for tender mercies.
 I've seen so many on my mission and still see them every single day.
 He is aware of us and He loves us so so much.

Hope all is well where ever you are! Lots of love.
Sister Fowers

Zoo Round 2 with President and Sis. Wilson

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