Monday, May 4, 2015

MOMS.IPADS. All good things :)


This week has been so good! 

Last Monday we found out that our mission is getting IPADS! Yes I screamed for like 60 seconds when I found out. :) 

We will be having a whole combined mission conference on May 29th to be trained on how to use them and then we'll get them at the beginning on June! So that will be crazy, but fun.
 The Lord is hastening the work errrbody!!

Lice update: THEY'RE GONE. Woot woot :) now I can bury that deep in my past hahaha.

We also had stake conference this weekend which was awesome! Elder Allard came and spoke to us and it was a great meeting. Favorite quotes:

"Satan is very intentional in what he does. If we are not just as intentional, we will fall."

"If we're not united, we can't move forward."

"You can tell what's important to people by where they spend their time and what they talk about."

"Our agency is a gift! Salvation will be more sweet because we chose it."

"Revelation is a process, not an event."

*Plus, it was happy because all of the people I love from Chippenham were there!!! So it was full of hugs and happiness :) 

I also wanted to just give a shout out to my mama! She is the best and I'm so grateful for women in my life who have inspired me and pushed me to be better. There is nothing more powerful than moms. Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day and send some love to moms that you love. 

Love you all! Have a great week!

Here's a quote that Mais sent to me that I love:

"As we get caught up in the happy cycle of loving what we do, and doing what we love, work becomes a JOY we are not watching the clock, in fact we forget time exists. We are not working because we have a supervisor present but because we are lost in the love of it." 

XOXO, Sister Fowers

I got to see all my Chippenham loves at Stake Conference! Happy day :)

We rushed home after stake conference because Sister Merrill left the oven on........ then we found this :) haha

Comp Love

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