Monday, May 11, 2015

Families are the BEST!



I am so grateful to have a dad like you. I remember in my farewell talk I said that if I could just be as charitable and hard working as my dad, then I knew I would have a successful mission.
I still know that's true and try every day to be a little bit more like you.
 I hope you have the best birthday ever :) 

This week has been good! One highlight was zone conference on Wednesday. We had some really great trainings on being truly committed and consecrated to the work, obedience, and humility. All things that I know I need to work on and be better at. One great thing about serving a mission is you just have 18 months to try and really, really focus on bettering yourself as a disciple of Jesus Christ. So I'm grateful for that. 

One cool miracle we've seen this week is with our investigator Tommy! His wife Carol is a recent convert and he comes to church every single week with her. We've just been struggling to help him keep commitments, so we decided to push him out of his comfort zone a little bit and give him a baptismal calendar! You might not know what that is, but pretty much its a calendar with their baptism date on it and then things on each day that they need to do to prepare for their baptism. So we were bold with him and just promised him that if he read and prayed sincerely every day that Heavenly Father would give him his answer by May 16th. He wasn't sure about that, but said he would try. Then at church yesterday he said he's been doing it! We plan to meet with him tomorrow and get ready for his baptism. He knows it's true, so pray that he chooses to act :) I'll keep you updated!

Rosa update! I've heard she is getting baptized this Sunday at 9 am!! So I probably won't be able to attend the baptism, which is a bummer. But I'm still so grateful that she is getting baptized!
 Happy things are happening! 

Then on Friday we went on exchanges and I got to go back to Chippenham for the day! It was so fun to be back and see some old friends. Plus I learned a ton about member missionary work and just using all of our efforts and skills to hasten this work.
 Someone once told me,
"Members should be inviting missionaries to their lessons, in their homes, with their investigators, not the other way around."
I love that.
  I want to be a missionary forever, not just for 18 months. :)

It was also so good to talk to my family yesterday! Sister Mailata got to call her family on Saturday night and talk to them, and she was so happy. Families are the best! 

I'm out of time, but Happy late Mother's Day and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you lots!

XOXO Sister Fowers

Skyping with the family

My little man!

The Orcutt's and I.  Love them sooooooo much. Tommy is hopefully getting baptized this wee! PRAY FOR HIM

Love this little gem!

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