Monday, May 18, 2015

The Lord is full of surprises!

Hello hello hello.

Happy news of the day: ROSA GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!

I wasn't able to go because it was so far away, but hopefully someone will send me some pictures haha :)
 I just love that little old french lady and I'm so glad she chose to be baptized.
 Such a tender mercy for me. 

On the down side, Tommy chose not to be baptized this week :/ but he is making a lot of progress and I honestly think he just needed the push we gave him and now its just might take some time for his heart to soften. But he'll get there! I love this scripture:

D&C 124:9 "And again, I will visit and soften their hearts, many of them for your good, that ye may find grace in their eyes, that they may come to the light of truth, and the Gentiles to the exaltation or lifting up of Zion."

Funny story of the week: we found this Muslim family the other week. They were so sweet and nice and let us in, they even brought mango juice out on this fancy platter for us haha. They are very devout though. So we went back the next week and took a member with us and when we got there they had invited their father in law over who is like a preacher for the local Muslim mosque! Hahaha we totally got set up. He ended up not letting us say too much, but was really nice.
 It's so interesting to learn about other religions and how much truth they have,
 but they don't have all of it! 
So grateful to have the true church of Jesus Christ :) 

2nd funny story of the week: on Saturday the sister that we live with were having a baptism. In our mission, we can only go to someone else's baptism if we have an investigator, recent convert, or less active there with us. So we tried inviting everyone. And I mean everyone.... but no one could come! We were so bummed. But we were determined to find someone, so 30 minutes before the baptism started we went out on a HUNT. Hahaha I would stop the car and Sister Mailata would jump out and talk to someone else in their car it was hilarious. Then we went to this apartment complex that has a bunch of buildings super close to each other so we could split up and be close enough to see and hear each other and starting knocking on every door by ourselves asking people if they would come to a baptism with us right then! We weren't having much success, but then a girl said she would come! It was crazy! We were so pumped, but then she bailed on us :( It was sad but it was a fun 30 minutes hahaha. 

 Surprise of the week: drumroll please.... I'm getting transferred. 

So sad!! And the biggest surprise about it is that President Wilson called me to be a sister training leader. Mom you probably don't know what that means... hahaha. I didn't before my mission! Its pretty much like a zone leader, but for the sisters. So we give trainings, go on exchanges, and just take care of the sisters in our zone. 

So..... that will be a fun adventure I guess!
 I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father either has a sense of humor with me
 or is just trying to teach me lots of things hahaha. :) Or both.
So we'll see who my new companion is and where I'm getting transferred to!

I'm so sad to be leaving Sister Mailata though :( She has taught me so much these last two transfers! She gave a trainging in District meeting this week and I just felt like such a proud mom. :)
 I know she'll do great on her mission and I feel blessed to have trained her. 

I will let you know what my new mailing address is next week! 
Thanks for all the love and support! Love you lots!

XOXO, Sister Fowers

My favorite little boy. His name is Kaden but he insists that his name is Lemon.

Saying goodbye to everyone........:(  The Van de Rijken's

Sister Precourt!

The District 3?

Sister Merrill and I twinning! AKA: she's wearing my clothes!

Johnny Rockets!

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