Monday, August 31, 2015

short and sweet!

Hey kids and cats! (pretty sure dad used to say that when he came home from work?) hahaha :)

This week was good! 

Monday we had sisters pday with all the sisters in our zone! We went bowling, it was fun :)
 I love all the sisters we serve with.

We went on exchanges on Tuesday and we saw some awesome miracles! I stayed in our area with Sister Halls and we didn't have any set appointments for the day, so I was just praying and hoping that some good things would happen. So we went to this apartment complex and we just stopped by a few potentials and everyone was home! We seriously just went from apartment to apartment teaching lessons. It was crazy. We taught these two girls who are roommates that we had helped move into their apartment the week before and the lesson was BOMB. So good. The spirit was so strong!
 But we texted them last night and they dropped us :( Whyyyyyyyyy. We think they got into some anti material. I hate when that happens!! Dang Satan. But we found some other people who seem really promising.
 That seems to be our struggle lately, we find lots of people, but they don't seem to stick.
  So we're just going to keep trying! 

We met with my recent convert Kelsey on Wednesday and she is doing so good!! She is the cutest member ever. She does missionary work and reaches out to less-actives and is just the greatest. She even paid her first tithe this week! She is also applying to BYUI for the spring semester, so pray she gets in! I love seeing new members just embrace the gospel :)

We had interviews with President Wilson on Friday and they were so good. 
I love that guy so much. :) 
I talked with him and learned a lot about the temple and the covenants we make there.
 I'm so grateful that we can go to the temple and just get away from the world!
 Its such a sanctuary and fortress from the worries of real life. 
Keep going to the temple everyone! As much as you can. 

Then on Friday night we had another exchange with some other sisters! We spent a lot of the day street contacting and trying to find some people to come to a baptism that was happening in another ward. We found 4 people who said they would come! Guess what. They all bailed! Hahaha typical. :) But we've been staying busy and just trying to find the people that are ready! 

I don't have tons of exciting news this week so I'll just keep it short and sweet! We did run into Monster again though and he might come to FHE tonight hahaha :) #yesss

I hope you all have a wonderful week and a happy first week of school! 

Thanks for all the love!

Sister Fowers

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