Monday, March 16, 2015

Pray Always

Hello everyone!

This week has been quite the week. Let me give you a little low down

It all started on Tuesday. We had a good day, we had a lesson with our investigator Catherine and it went really well. Then we went tracting and had just a normal day. 

Then we had dinner. It was a good dinner with a super awesome family in the ward, but when we were sharing a message with them after dinner my companion turned to me and told me her stomach was hurting really bad, which was kind of normal because she had been having an upset stomach for a while,
 but we thought it was because of all the new food she was having to eat. 

We had another appointment after dinner, so we went with a member to the Orcutt's house and during the lesson, I could tell she was just really sick. So we got out as soon as we could, but when the member finally drove us back to our car Sister Mailata was not doing good . She was like doubled over in pain! So I asked her if she felt like she needed to go to the hospital and she said yes, so we called the mission nurse and she told us to go to the ER at the VCU hospital in Richmond. 

So off we went! At like 11:00 to the ER! Haha I felt like Nephi when he says, 
"And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do." 
  (1 Nephi 4:6)

Have I ever taken anyone to the ER? Nope! But Heavenly Father guided me and we got there. They did a bunch of tests and eventually they just treated her symptoms and we got her some medicine, so we went back home that night. 

She is feeling much better! But the most spiritual part of that experience for me happened before we left. 

As I was talking to President Wilson on the phone and trying to get everything together as fast as I could before we left, while I was flurrying to get ready to go, I looked over to see my companion quietly kneeling by her bed. Saying a prayer. 

Wow. Such a simple moment, but so powerful for me. She understood that the true, divine help that she needed wouldn't come from a hospital, but from her Heavenly Father. Even while she was in so much pain, she took the time to kneel and ask for Him to heal her. To me, that is real faith. 

D&C 9:24 "...pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good."

Prayer is such a powerful thing! I'm so grateful that we can call upon the powers of Heaven to help us at any time. That is such a blessing! 

We also had a wonderful lesson last night with our recent convert, Adriaan! It was so fun because he was there, we were there, his wife was there, our other recent convert Carol was there with her husband, Adriaan's home teacher was there and his wife and 8 kids! Haha talk about a big crowd! But it was a powerful lesson about the Plan of Salvation. Then afterwards we all talked and ate cake haha, it was fun :) 

Things are going great here in VA! Today is my 8 month mark! Woohoo! 

Sister Mailata and I are doing just great, she is the funniest little Samoan ever, I love her so much. :) And the work is moving forward, slowly but surely! 

Also, I am so pumped for conference in a few weeks!!! 

And Easter. 

And the video. 

Its gonna be so great. :) 

I hope everything is going great! Love you all lots!

XOXO Sister Fowers

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