Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello everyone! 

Spring has finally sprung in Virginia! Well, I hope it has at least. You never know here. :) Its been a lot warmer the last few days and I am loving it! 

Down side though? I am literally dying of allergies. AHH. I'm going to die when all the pollen really starts to come. Pray for me!

This week has been good! We've seen some cool miracles. 

On Wednesday we went on a power exchange with some of the Sister Training Leaders and they just came out with us to do some tracting and we found a new investigator! Her name is Jasmine. She's 18 and just a super nice, sassy, Christian girl. She let us right in and we taught her the restoration. She told us that it was so weird that we just happened to stop by because just a few weeks before that she had been doing a lot of things that weren't right, but that she went to church one day and had a super spiritual experience and decided to completely change her life and recommit herself to Christ. Then we came! She told us that we were the first people she's met that believe all of the things she believes. She also loved the Book of Mormon and is so excited to read it. We had another lesson with her a few days later and she is doing great. Her best friend even joined us halfway through the lesson and really liked it, so now they are both reading and praying to know if its true. 

Another day we went tracting and found another investigator named Catherine Edge. (We don't have very many investigators so its a miracle that we've even been finding some). She is a super nice lady, in her 50's. She is disabled and in a wheel chair, so her kids take care of her a lot. She really liked everything we taught her but at the end she said she didn't know if she'd ever convert because of some of the "crapola" we believe like not drinking wine hahaha :) We told her to take it one step at a time ;) We have another lesson with her tomorrow!

We are also working with some super awesome recent converts. 

One is named Adriaan van de Rijken. He is from the Netherlands! His wife, Karen, has been a member her whole life but has been inactive most of it. She decided to come back to church about a year ago and Adriaan just got baptized! They are the funniest, most blunt, sarcastic people ever. I love them. They are such a powerful example of the power of the atonement in people's lives. It is never too late to change your life! No matter how far you've gone. 

Another recent convert is Carol Orcutt! Her husband Tommy is still investigating, so we are teaching him still. They are both super southern and so sweet and cute. She was taught by the previous sisters and was just golden. She accepted everything they taught right from the start. Her husband is a little more apprehensive, but we are plotting with Sister Orcutt to get him in the water ;) He comes to church with her every week though, so we think it will happen. 

We haven't had the chance to teach the Cox family again yet, but I will keep you guys updated!

Another exciting thing:! 

The church is doing another huge Easter video initiative! The video doesn't come out until March 28th, but its going to be awesome. :) So get ready to share it and blow it up when it does!

My little compie and I are doing good though! She is such a great missionary.
 She misses home a lot, but we've all been there.
 She is learning so much and has grown a lot in just a few weeks. :) 

The other day I was being cruel and wrote down the word "super-cali-fraga-listic-aspeal-idocious" and took a video of her trying to pronounce it. (I don't know how to even spell it?) Hahahaha it was literally so funny. I would send it, but its too big of a file. We have fun. :)

She sings super good though, so we sing alto and soprano parts in our lessons and
 we sound pretty bomb, jus sayin ;) 

I didn't take very many pictures this week, sorry! I'll be better next week. I hope everything is going great at home! We are doing great and are expecting to see lots of miracles here!!

You are all just gems and I miss you guys a lot! LOVE YOU!

XOXO Sister Fowers

I love my compie!

Pronounce this!

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