Monday, September 28, 2015


This week has been so crazy. and hectic. but good. :)

We had transfers on Tuesday and guess where I am................


You don't even understand how happy that news is.
 I'm back in the Woodbridge zone!
Its the most north the mission goes, really close to D.C.
I served in this zone in the Lakeridge 1st ward back during Christmas and
I'm so glad to be back :)
I was praying so hard to come here and I did! Heavenly Father is so good. The work is just booming and we are going to have an amazing transfer.

My new companion is Sister Canty! She is a red head from Colorado, she is
also a farmer's daughter, she went to BYU Idaho, she's my same age, and she
is awesome. we came out together, so she was in the MTC with me but in a
different district! We're basically besties already so life is good :)

Also, fun fact. The stake is trying to start a YSA branch here, so the
Quantico ward is like a magnet YSA until we get enough people to start a
real one. So we teach all the YSA's without even being in a YSA
ward. #tailormadeforme

On Wednesday we had a little birthday dinner for a recent convert named
Curtis! Curtis and Christina got baptized earlier this year by Sister
Johns! They are pretty much like our parents here, we have a key to their
house hahaha :) We helped make him a guitar cake though, it was fun.

Then on Thursday we taught a new YSA investigator named Jared. He is really
prepared. He is kind of Catholic, but is just searching for the truth. He
also is just looking for friends and belonging, so it will be good.
We have taught him a lot this week and he loves the Book of Mormon and he came to
church yesterday! Sad news is that we had to pass him off to the elders :/
but he will get baptized so that is all that matters!

We also have a less-active member in the ward named Brother Calder and he
is the funniest, nicest, sassiest old man. We love him :)
 He teases us a lot and pretends like he doesn't love us, but he totally does.
We went over and had lunch with him one day and he gave us s'mores and let us sit in his

We also met with an investigator named Frank this week! So background info,
in our mission we do something called "spiritual creation" all the time.
Just like Heavenly Father created everything spiritually, before
physically, we plan to have miracles and create people that we will find
and baptize before we find them. Does that make sense? Probably not haha.
Anyway! Back in January when I was in this zone, my companion at the time,
Sister Wagstaff, and I spiritually created someone named Frank! We said he
was black and was around 30 or 40 years old. And then our sister training
leaders (who were serving in the Quantico ward) found him! It was crazy.
Then they taught him for a while, but then he disappeared for a few months.
Then last transfer he called the sisters and said he wanted to meet again!
And now I'm here and he is on date to be baptized in the next few weeks!
Crazy right?

We have also had crazy miracles with our investigator Rashida!
 She is amazing. She is 21 and from Sierra Leone.
 Her mom still lives there and she doesn't have a good relationship with the rest of her family, so she is all by herself. Last week she came to church with a less active family and
loved it! Every since then we've been meeting with her and she is so
prepared its crazy. She loves the Book of Mormon and reads it every night.

She has had a super hard life, so we had a really powerful lesson with her
on the Atonement and how it can heal her, we were all crying haha.
 Her main concern is the word of wisdom right now. She came to the General Women's
meeting with us on Saturday instead of going out with her friends and loved
it! But afterward she decided to go out after all and it was not good. So
she was pretty shaken up the next day and couldn't come to church.
 But we went and saw her and just reassured her that we still love her and that no
one is perfect. We all mess up, but we don't give up. She is like our
little best friend, we love her so much. I never knew how much I would love
someone I hardly know until my mission! She will most likely get baptized
sometime next week, so pray for her!

We also had a n awesome miracle yesterday! A YSA nonmember just walked into
church and wanted to learn more! When does that happen?? His name is
Andrew. Some missionaries had knocked on his door a long time ago and gave
him a Book of Mormon and he never read it until recently and then he read
all of 1 Nephi and all of Alma! Crazy right?! The only problem is he is
fuuuullllll of anti-Mormon material. He has heard every single bad thing
about our church. So we had a good lesson with him and he is really
searching for the truth, but it might be a challenge to overcome all of the
negative ideas he has about the church. We are meeting with him again

Also, I loved the women's session of conference so much! I love hearing
guidance and council from Heavenly Father through our leaders. I especially
loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk.
 The gospel is what makes us happy! No matter what life brings :)
 I am so pumped for conference!!! It is going to be amazing.
 It has been sad to lose so many apostles, but the Lord is
hastening His work! And He has so many great things in store. Also, I saw
my recent convert Rosa there!!! I love her so much :) she is doing baptisms
in the temple next month and I told her I would come back to go through the
temple next year and she was so happy. Love that lady.

We are doing the week long Book of Mormon read-a-thon starting today! So
get reading everybody :) 75 pages a day. it's gonna be good. I love the
Book of Mormon and I've gained such a testimony of its truthfulness on my

This has been a crazy, unorganized email but here isn't even enough time to
tell you all the things!

Just know that the work is good and life is good here in the hood :)

Sister Fowers

Here is my new mailing address! Looking forward to your letters ;)

3303 William Johnston Lane #14
Dumfries, VA 22026

Saying goodbye to my recent convert Austin at Best Buy!

He has a stellar beard.

And saying goodbye to the branch at FHE :( I miss them already......

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