Monday, September 14, 2015

sweater weather

Hi. What is up. :)

This week has been so good! 

On Tuesday we finally got to go proselyte at University of Mary Washington!
 Its a closed campus, so we only get to go for 3 hours every two weeks and we have to check in and check out and everything. But we actually saw a lot of cool miracles and found some awesome people!
 One girl named Savannah talked to us and then said, "I have to go to class, but if you're still here I'll come back and talk to you!" And she actually did! She seems super interested and open and we are meeting with her tomorrow! So pray that it goes well :) 

During the week we have been doing a lot of less active work! We have a list of all of the singles in the stake and it is huuuugggeee..... Like 10 pages.
 So many people to see! So we went out with our relief society president and just started visiting people! 
Its cool to see how when we look after all of Heavenly Father's children He blesses us with more success and even more investigators. So that's been awesome :) 

On Friday we went on our last exchange of the transfer! I was with Sister Tadd and we had a great day. At the end of the night we went street contacting downtown and and we talked to a guy named Josh. He told us he already goes to a baptist church, but he said he would be free to come to our activities so we invited him to a pool party we set up as missionaries as an activity that would be easy for members to invite their nonmember friends to! And guess what he actually came! He had fun and actually already knew a few of the members from high school! Crazy. And he is hopefully coming to FHE tonight! 

The pool party was really fun though! Obviously we didn't swim. :) 
But I manned the grill and it was a fun night!
 Lots of recent converts and less-active members came and it was fun to do missionary work in a different way. 
Gotta think outside the box! Also, we played apples to apples and who doesn't love that game? #thebest

Yesterday we also met with a less-active and it was a super powerful lesson. Going into it, we didn't really know his concerns, so we didn't really know what we were going to say. 
But it was so cool to see how the spirit just guided the whole lesson.
  All we have to do is trust and open our mouths and let the spirit do the rest. 
That is the best feeling. :) 

Then last night we went with our recent convert Kelsey to the CES Devotional for YSA's! It was really good and all based around reaching our potential 
and looking to the Savior as the exemplar of our lives.
  He is the one who can show us how to make the most of ourselves.
If you didn't see it, watch it on! 

And guess what! Today everyone in our mission ran a 5-K! Woohoo! It was tiring and I'm pretty sure I'll be sore tomorrow, but it was really fun :) There should be pictures on the mission Facebook page and I'll send some. 

We also have a sisters meeting tomorrow with all of the sisters in the misson!
 Sister Nordstrom and I are giving a training on patience and I thought that was funny because I just wrote you guys about that! 
So that will be fun, I love seeing all my old companions and friends in the mish :) 

Also, transfer calls are this Saturday............. noooo! I am praying that I don't get transferred, but I think I might. You never know! So I'll let you know next week where I end up!

Also also, it is finally starting to feel like fall in VA! YAYYYYYY.
 I got really excited and already broke out all of my sweaters. :) so pumped. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember to read and pray and love and serve!
Y'all are the best. Love you lots.

Sister Fowers

Pool party with the faves!

Excited about wearing a sweater!..................had to.

5K baby!

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